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Here are some questions about our products and services :

  1. About my photos
  2. My photo mosaic
  3. Creation : preview before printing
  4. Ordering my portrait
  5. Delivery and creation time
  6. Material and size of my portrait

About photos that will be used to make my portrait

How to send my photos?

Send photos

We suggest you to send your photos at the end of the product page, or by the "send photos" button at the top right of the home page.

You can also send them by email to

Also, before ordering, you can receive a free diagnosis of your pictures to be sure the quality of your photo is enough to create a personalised portrait.

For a couple portrait, can we send two photos?

Couple photography

Our graphic designer can make a photo-montage by bringing people together for the final portrait. Note that a couple photo counts for the price of 2 faces.

Do you remove the photos background, behind the characters?

Cropping and deleted background

Our graphic designer delete the background to keep only people, except for a photo mosaic portrait where the background is an integral part of the creation.

Specific for my mosaic photo portrait

How many (digital) photos should I send for my mosaic ?

Number of photos for a nice photo mosaic

Minimum 200 and maximum 1500. A mosaic is composed of about 2500 photos, so there will be repetitions (but not same picture side by side). The more photos you send, the fewer duplications. To have more variety, we can have manual extracts in the photos where there are several people. All the photos you send us will be present in the composition.

How to send hundreds of photos for my portrait?

Send photos for your photo mosaic

On our site by clicking on the button "send photos" or by the website Note that sending a lot of photos by our website may take a little time.

What are the advices for the main photo?

Advices main picture

People must be close, the colors varied and the light rather uniform. If people are far on the photo, this is still possible but it will be necessary to choose a larger size of mosaic.

Will we see the small pictures on my mosaic portrait?

zoom on photo mosaic

My photomosaic portrait is bluffing because from far you can see the main photo and up close you can see all the small pictures. The larger the portrait size, the bigger the photos will be.

About the overviews and the creation of my portrait

Can I see a free preview of my portrait before ordering?

Hand-made creation

Creations are not automated, they are done with care by our graphic designer and take a long time. That's why we can't give a free preview. However, after your order has been finalised and the preview sent by mail, you can ask us for free modifications (lines, colors, shadows, but no change of style or new photo), so as to refine your personalised canvas photo and satisfy you fully.

Can I ask for changes on the preview of my portrait?

Changes portrait preview

After the reception of your preview, you will be able to ask for modifications (ex: lines, colors) so that your portrait satisfies you completely. However, if we have to restart the work with another photo or in a different style, the creation costs will be putting on the bill (17£ per face, 21£ per face for the Artist Touch style, and 44£ for the mosaic style).

Can I have a preview of my portrait in different styles?

No preview in different styles

It's not possible to have a preview of your portrait in 2 different styles because the creation's techniques aren't the same. we should start creation work again. If you have doubts, our graphic designer will advise you by e-mail of the best photo. However, if you really want a preview of 2 different styles, you will have to participate in the creation costs, 17£ per face worked in a new style . (21£ per face for Artist Touch style 44£ for the mosaic style). On the other hand, when you receive a preview, you will be able to ask us some modifications (ex: lines, colors) for free.

Can I have more than one preview if I hesitate between photos?

You must choose one picture

Yes, in return for an additional cost of 17£ per face (21£ per face for Artist Touch style and 44£ for mosaic style). If you hesitate between several photos, we will advise you of the most suitable photo. When you receive a preview, you can ask to the graphic designer for changes (ex : lines, colors) several times.

About the order

How ordering my portrait?

Order process

Just go to our styles by clicking on the top of the site on personalised portraits or on the images in the middle of the home page. On the product page of your portrait's style, you can choose different options : size, material, etc ... Then you can send your photos by clicking on the button "Send photos" at the end of the product page. You will be redirected to a new page that will give instructions to do it. Once your photos are sent, turn back to the product page to finalise your order: add to cart, then on the summary page of your order : create your account, choose delivery options and payment method. Once your order and your photos validated, our graphic designer start working !

Is the payment secured ?

Securised payment

When you select a payment method on our site, you are redirected to the sites of our financial partners: the LCL bank and Paypal. You will see on each payment page the small security padlock. You can pay with peace of mind.

Can I cancel my order portrait if I don't like it?

Partial refund

The modifications requested by the customer are free (colors, line changes, shadows, face inversion) .The changes don't include the a new style or a new photo because we have to restart the work.

The full refund of your order before the portrait's creation is possible.

The full refund of your order after the portrait's creation is not possible.

Indeed all our personalised canvas photos are made by hand with a graphic tablet by our graphic designer. There is no automated process, so it takes a long time to create your portrait. Therefore, if you wish to cancel your order after having received the graphic creation by mail, (and before the manufacture and delivery), a contribution to the creation costs will be asked : 17£ per face (21£ per face for an Artist Touch style and 44£ for mosaic style).

The full refund of your order after your validation, manufacture and shipping of your table is not possible in application of the provisions of Consumer Code Article L.121-20-2.

About time and delivery

How many days between order and reception of my portrait?

The normal delay is about 7-8 working days. About 6 days for the creation-validation-manufacturing process and 2 days of delivery.

Here is our page dedicated to delivery options

How is packaging?

resistant packaging

Our packaging is shock-resistant, made with care in our workshop. The photo papers are rolled in a rigid tube, the stretched canvas are inserted between double-grooved cardboard plates. If the package arrives damaged, refuse it and issue all necessary reservations to the carrier. Then send us an e-mail, we will be able to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

If you do not make reservations, we will ask you to contribute to our re-issue and redirection costs.

About formats and material

Canvas or poster

Canvas or poster

The canvas print gives an artistic aspect, like a painting. It is stretched on a wooden frame with a catch behind ,ready to hang on the wall. The glossy photo paper is delivered rolled, it will require the purchase of a frame.

I can't find the size I want

custom size

We can do many other sizes than those presented on the website. Contact us by e-mail on and we will study your request together.

The style that interests me isn't offered with the number of faces I want.

Number of faces

It is generally possible to integrate more faces than the number indicated on the site. Contact us by mail and we will study your request together.

You can consult the price of your canvas photo print in our summary price Delivery options.