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Do you know ? Today, to make a photo mosaic is a digital art accessible to all. Hundreds of small photos that recompose a big image is a concept that appeared several years ago thanks to a computer scientist become artist : Robert Silvers. He worked for major companies like Disney, Audi and Coca-Cola. This digital work of an image has been perpetuated over the years and we can now find it in movie posters, album covers or advertisements.

How to order your photo mosaic? 

Nothing's easier ! Just choose your main image and get at least 200 photos.

Create your mosaic picture

1) SEND YOUR PICTURES : First of all, go to our send photos page in order to download your main photo and all your small photos. They become lighter as they arrive on our server, so complete transfer can take a little time. We need 200 to 1000 personal photos to make a mosaic. 

2) FINALISE YOUR ORDER : Once all your photos are transferred, you can choose your mosaic style (sepia, black and white or color). Select your options (material, size and graphic creation time) and finalise your order.

Once we have receveid your photos and your order, we begin the creation of your portrait!

How do we create your mosaic of photos?

How do we get this bluffing effect ? Here is an illustration of the different steps to make your photo mosaic:

cropping main photo
Cropping hundred of small photos
Assembling photo mosaic
Raw mosaic
photo mosaic finalised

- First of all, it is necessary to work on the main image. We crop it in the right proportions and make brightness adjustments to bring out the main subject. In addition, a photomontage is possible if you want to put behind another background, or regroup people on the same photo.

- Then, we cropped your hundreds of small photos in the same proportion and the same orientation to make an homogeneous assembly. Extracts on group photos are possible to increase the number of different images and limit duplications of same pictures.

- Once all your photos are cropped, we proceed to the assembly of your mosaic portrait thanks to a precisely parameterised software.

- The resulting file is raw, so it is essential to make adjustments on the mosaic. Small pictures that are too dark or colored are faded, skin color and eyes improved, color of the clothes and accessories enhanced, and faces expressions well-defined.

Once the right balance found between the visibility of small photos and that of the large, our graphic designer sends you an e-mail with your finalised mosaic before printing it. 

Whether in color or black and white style, you'll never be bored of watching this fascinating object. Now it's your turn to bring together your most beautiful memories on a single portrait!

Order your photo mosaic

Are individual photos observable?

All the art of making a beautiful photo mosaic is in finding the right balance between the size of small photos and the well-definition of big picture. The more your mosaic is composed of photos, the more detailed it will be. With an experience of more than 10 years in creating photo mosaics, we adapt our knowledge to each subject to reproduce (landscape, logo, portrait) to get this harmony. Small images will be visible at short distance while the large photo will be well detailed.

zoom on photo mosaic

Why make your photo mosaic at ?

Making its own mosaic of photos is now accessible to everyone. Many automatised software or  websites offer you to create and visualise your mosaic online. At, we have a different approach : from the beginning to the end, your mosaic photo project is executed by a professional graphic designer. It's not a simple juxtaposition between a big image and small photos. We carry out a real graphic work, ranging from cropping hundreds of photos to many color retouching on the assembled mosaic.

The end goal is to have a both harmonious and surprising result : from a distance you visualise the main image and up close you discern each small photo that compose it. Advices on the quality of photos, possible change requests before printing etc. The entire team of is here to guide you in your project.

The care given to your mosaic of photos will make your personalised canvas an unique decorative object!

An original gift idea full of emotions

examples of photomosaics

Printed on canvas or poster, the photo mosaic is an original and touching gift that brings together all the good moments in a unique work. So, it's an original way to collect hundreds of photos that sleep in your old albums and to please your loved ones !

You can make a photo mosaic to celebrate many occasions : birthday, wedding, birth of child, or simply to remember travel memories. You can also push the originality by choosing a photo of your pet! Because he is also a member of your tribe, you will be able to display a portrait of the full family and animals.

This playful and decorative object is well adapted to private persons or companies. We regularly create the logo of the company recomposed by the portrait of each employee.

So don't hesitate anymore, entrust us right now for the creation of your photo mosaic !