Pixel Art 

Pixel art, THE style for a successful 80's decoration.

Inspired by old video games, pixel art is an artistic movement that mixes retro design and bright colors. Directly associated with the 80's, these illustrations are based on a unique objective : form an image by combining squares of different colors. An original and surprising style that we wanted to personalise with your photo. Perfect blend between the flashy colors of pop art portrait and the construction of the photo mosaic, your pixel art in a portrait will be special! All you have to do now is to choose between a solo or family portrait :

Perfect for digital lovers

We won't hide the fact that this pixel art style portrait was inspired by the most famous little plumber! Indeed Mario Bros at the beginnings was constructed by only a few small colored squares. But that was enough to make game console lovers happy ! Revolutionary but now archaic technology compared to current synthetic images, the portrait in pixel art version will plunge digital lovers back into their childhood years. We personalised your photo in order to make a colorful creation with a double visual effect. Up close, you will appreciate the assembly of the small squares. From a certain distance, the "stairs effect" of pixel art will disappear to smooth your faces!

A short history of pixel art

This artistic movement wanted to make an image pixel by pixel. It is inspired by the very first video games like Space Invaders or Mario Bros. The characters were pixelated but this resulted from the technical limitation of computers. The developers were therefore forced to create the images with a low resolution and on a grid of a few squares. Today, new technologies make possible the creating of images with thousands of squares, and more with the 3D revolution. Despite this, pixel art has become an artistic movement full fledged. It was popularised in particular by the street artist Invader who disseminates his little mosaics all over the world. In short, this geometric and colorful graphic art will certainly delight fans of 80's decor!